College and University Scholarships & Special Recognition

Lamphere High Schools Class of 2017 is really going places. They've been offered over $3.2 Million dollars in scholarships and 100% of the graduating class has been accepted to college.

Please join us in congratulating the Class of 2017 on their accomplishments!

LHS Class of 2017

(The college choices and scholarship offers listed below are as reported to the LHS Counseling Office. Please, if there is missing or incorrect information, contact Jeanne Berlin - [email protected] with the correct info and we'll get it corrected asap)

Suzanne Awali - University of Michigan
Dearborn Non- Residential Differential Tuition Scholarship
Deans Scholarship-University of Michigan-Dearborn
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Talented Scholar Award-OU

Andi Aziz - Oakland University         

Nathan Baker - Wayne State University               
Gold Scholarship- WSU

Sarah Barrett - Wayne State University               
Talented Scholar Award-OU
Provost’s Scholarship- Ferris State
Gold Scholarship-WSU
Lawrence Tech University Honor- LTU
Volleyball Scholarship-MCC
John Page Middle School Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Josh Priehs Scholarship

Jeffrey Beaman - Oakland University
University Recognition Award-OU

Allison Berger - Wayne State University               
Dean's Scholarship-University of MI Dearborn
Provost’s Scholarship-Ferris State
Gold Scholarship-Wayne State
Talented Scholar Award-OU
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Lamphere Athletic Boosters Scholarship
Dan Schram Scholarship

Jasmine Biddle - Concordia University
Cheerleading Scholarship- Concordia
Academic Scholarship - Concordia University

Kali Bommarito - Oakland Community College      

Brooke Box - Oakland Community College

Meghan Brink - Oakland Community College
Transferring to Art Institute
Erin Burcham - Maine College of Art
Provost's Scholarship-Ferris State
College for Creative Studies- CCS Scholarship
Presidential Scholarship-Maine College of Art
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Living the Giving Spirit Scholarship- Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club                
LAFFS Scholarship

Mikayla Calloway - Oakland Community College      

Charles Campbell - University of Nottingham

Nicholas Campbell - University of Northwestern Ohio            

Felna-Marie Caparroso - Wayne State University               

Theodor Cauc - Oakland Community College      

Liam Cavanaugh - Baker College

Bruno Ceri - Oakland Community College

Christine Chanbour - Wayne State University
Gold Scholarship-WSU
Lamphere Scholarship Fund
John Page Middle School

Victoria Chandler - Oakland Community College      

Adam Chika - Macomb Community College      

Cathy Chom - Oakland Community College        

Austin Chrysler - Lake Superior State 
Board of Trustees- Lake Superior State

Ethan Clarke - Oakland University                         

Rita Dakha - Macomb Community College
Lana Dawd - Oakland Community College

Karly Denmark - Oakland Community College      

Leigha Diegel - Eastern Michigan University
Emerald Scholarship-EMU

Drew Durant - Oakland Community College      

Sandra Elya - OCC      

Hailey English - Macomb Community College    

Ashley Frederick - Wayne State University
 WSU Green Scholarship-WSU

Justice Gerard-Zeigler - Oakland Community College

Sofia Gerstler - Kent State University 
Dekita/McNie Scholarship- Stagecrafters Youth Theatre
Trustee Scholarship- Kent State University
University Award- Kent State University
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund                
Living the Giving Spirit Scholarship- Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club
LAFFS Scholarship  

Thomas Giannoulas - Oakland Community College                      

Nicholas Gitary - Oakland Community College        

Donald Glenn - Central Michigan University
Academic Success- Central Michigan University
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Detroit Mercy
Ferris State  

Andrew Gorgis - Oakland Community College        

Emma Green - Ohio Northern University 
Talent Award- Ohio Northern
University Gold Scholarship-WSU
Deans Scholarship-Ohio Northern University
Deans Scholarship- U of M Dearborn
Volunteer Recognition Award- Madison Heights Community
Trustees Scholarship- Baldwin Wallace University
Maize Scholarship- U of M Dearborn
Lamphere Band Boosters Scholarship                

Mishaun Gregory - Oakland Community College        

Jackson Griffin - Western Michigan University    

Dori Gross - Wayne State University
Green Scholarship-WSU

Michael Guirguis - Oakland Community College                
LAFFS Scholarship

Rexhina  Guri - Oakland Community College      

Heaven Guty - College for Creative Studi
CCS- Ment Award  

Junior Habib - Oakland Community College          

Britni Hairfield - Central Michigan University
Cardinal Scholarship-SVSU
Academic Success Award-CMU
Living the Giving Spirit Scholarship- Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club

Samantha Hal - Macomb Community College

Richard Halley - Davenport University
Silver Scholarship- Davenport University

Heidi Hamana - Oakland Community College      
OCCFA Annual Scholarship

Jasmine Hammond - Oakland Community College      

Nancy Hana - Oakland University 
Lawrence Tech University-Scholarship

Anna Hansen - Oakland Community College      
Green Scholarship

Tyler Hargrave-Thomas - Oakland Community College       

Joshua Harris - BYU-Idaho         

Cameron Harrison - Oakland Community College      

Chandler Harten - Lee Christian College

Camryn Hayman - Oakland Community College

Chloe Heikkinen - The College for Creative Studies 
CCS Merit Scholarship- College for Creative Studies
Emerald Scholarship- EMU
Talented Scholar Award-OU
Provosts Scholarship- Ferris State
This is Home Art Challenge- City of Madison Heights
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Living the Giving Spirit Scholarship- Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club
LAFFS Scholarship

Sydney Hensley - Macomb Community College    
Athletic- MCC
Academic- North Central University

Allison Hesse - Oakland University         
Academic Achievement Award-OU

Joleyana Hirmiz - Oakland University         
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
Living the Giving Spirit Scholarship- Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club

Morganne Holdreith - Indiana Tech     
Athletic- Indiana Tech

Brandon Holt - University of Northern Michigan              
University Recognition Award
Wildcat Achievement Scholarship-NMU

Devin Hunt - Macomb Community College

Jenise Jackson

Lamphere Band Boosters Scholarship                    

Fahad Kadso - Oakland Community College      

Brandon Kalinowski - Rochester College

Lea Karch - Oakland Community College      

Peter Khalid - Oakland University         

Shahzeb Khan - Wayne State University               

Jorje Kosho - Oakland Community College      

Hannah Lariviere - Oakland Community College      

Min er Li - Wayne State University

University Recognition Award- Oakland University
Lamphere Band Boosters Scholarship

Caleb Liske - Davenport University    

Maximilian Luetz - Lawrence Tech University

Pre-Eminent Scholarship - Lawrence Tech University
Distinguished Scholar Award - Oakland University

Joanne Lukas - Western Michigan University    

Yongwei Ma - Oakland Community College      

Samantha Malak - Oakland Community College

Emily Malcolm - Central Michigan University       

Emily Marsh - Oakland Community College      

Tyrese Marshall - Wayne State University               

Scout Marson - Western Michigan University
Dean's Scholarship-WSU
Gold Scholarship WSU
GVSU Award for Excellence Scholarship
CMU Academic Prestige Award
Board of Trustees Maroon and Gold Scholarship-CMU
Alobaidi Scholarship for Ethical Students
Jim Martin Scholarship
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Destiny Martin - Oakland Community College      

Phillip Martin - University of Arkansas  

Golf Scholarship-University of Arkansas                                

Tyler May - United States Marine Corps

Andrew Meyer - Oakland Community College      

Stephanie Miks - Oakland University
WSU Warrior Award
OU Distinguished Scholar Award
Presidential Award-OU
The Odore Cologie Scholarship-Our Credit Union
Scholars Day Award-WSU

Nicole Miller - Oakland University         
Academic Achievement Award-OU

Shannon Miller - Oakland Community College                                      

Kyle Miner - Oakland Community College      

Ryan Monaghan - Ferris State University  

MadaLynn Montie - Oakland Community College      

Emily Moran - Central Michigan University 
Gold Award-WSU
Emerald Scholarship-EMU
Academic Excellence Award-CMU Presidential Scholarship-Alma College
Academic Achievement Award-OU

Kaitlin Morrow - Northern Michigan University   
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Tatum Morrow - Saginaw Valley State University
Triskelion Scholarship-SVSU

Rita Nadhim - Oakland Community College      

Vy Nguyen - Wayne State University  
Green Scholarship-WSU
Provost's Scholarship-Ferris State
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Andrew Nickles - United States Air Force

Claire Nickles - Olivet Nazarene University   
Academic Scholarship- EMU
Nazarene Advantage-Olivet Nazarene University
Academic- Spring Arbor University
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Watsapol Nithiwaikoon - University of Michigan    

Tanner Norton - Olivet College 
Dean's Scholarship Olivet College

Heena Patel - Wayne State University               
WSU Gold Award
University Recognition Award-OU
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Abner Payne - Oakland Community College

Edie Perkins - Oakland Community College

Levi Phan - Wayne State University               

Alaysia Pitts - Oakland Community College      

Sheybaz Qadeer - Oakland Community College      

LeeAnna Radick  Marian University (Wisconsin)
Central Michigan University - CMU Scholarship
Academic Achievement - University of Marian Wisconsin
Talented Scholar Award - OU
Early Sabre Award - University of Marian Wisconsin

Alexa Reinbold - Western Michigan University    

Dylan Richards - Specs Howard  

Shaylia Richardson - Oakland Community College      

Nia Ross-Shumate - Central Michigan University       

Ashley Ruggerio - Eastern Michigan University 
Emerald Scholarship-Eastern MI
University Recognition Award- Oakland University

Al Sajib - Wayne State University               
Talented Scholar Award-OU
Gold Scholarship-WSU
Institutional Scholarship-WSU
Engineering School Merit Based- U of M Dearborn

Tyler Schwerin - Wayne State University               
Level 1-Northern MI Green Scholarship-WSU
Wildcat Achievement Scholarship-NMU

Natally Shamoon - Oakland Community College

Tyler Sharpe - Western Michigan University                    

Alayna Shepherd - Michigan College of Beauty

Lindsey Smith - Spring Arbor University

Deans Scholarship-Cornerstone University
Education First Opportunity Scholarship-EMU
Indiana Tech Achievement Award- Indiana Tech

Logan Smith - Oakland Community College      

Tyler Smith - Oakland Community College      

Jessica Stevens - Oakland Community College

  transferring to Indiana University Purdue       
Acheivement Award from Alma
Midwest Student Exchange from IUPUI
Lamphere Band Booster Scholarship  

Jayla Stovall - Oakland Community College      

Jessica Taylor - Oakland Community College      

Megan Terbrueggen - Oakland Community College      

Jessalyn Titus - Eastern Michigan University   
The Gold Scholarship-WSU
President's Academic Excellence- WMU
The Emerald Scholarship- EMU

Justin Tolbert - Wilberforce University 

Mario Toma - Oakland Community College                      

Vy Tran - Wayne State University  
Green Scholarship-WSU
University Recognition Award-OU
Estimated Institution Award- Wayne State University

Madison Tweedly - Macomb Community College    

Cali Vaughn - Bowling Green State University

PLA-Bowling Green State University
Success Scholarship-BGSU
Freshman Academic Scholarship- BGSU
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Monica Vo Nguyen - Oakland Community College

Megan Waggoner - Eastern Michigan University 
Education First Opportunity Scholarship-EMU

Kayla Wall - Oakland Community College      

Lesley Warren - Oakland Community College                      

John Watson - Oakland Community College      

Benjamin Weide - Hillsdale College 
Presidential Scholarship-Oakland
MSU scholarship
Hillsdale College Scholarship
Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Grace Welch -  Oakland Community College      

Alexis Whiteman - Oakland Community College                      

Hope Williams - U of M Dearborn

JoNaya Williams - Eastern Michigan University

Kali Wilson - Macomb Community College    

Jared Winn - Grand Valley State University 
Lamphere Band Boosters Scholarship

Ryan Winnie - Oakland Community College      

Jie Yi Yang - Oakland University         

Abd Al Maseh  Yosif - University of Detroit Mercy        
4 Year Tuition Green Scholarship WSU

Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund

Jonathon Yousif - Oakland Community College

Mary Yousif - Oakland Community College

Mary Therese Yu - Northwood University  

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

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